Cologne Cover-ups Come to Light



A disturbing culture of police and institutional cover-ups is coming to light in Europe; from the rape epidemic in Sweden, to the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne.

Last week it came to light that the Cologne police had reported a safe and peaceful New Year’s Eve in the city, covering up reports of dozens of sexual assaults and other attacks. In fact, police were present in Cologne square during the attacks, yet failed to act. They failed to act, then covered up the attacks and their failure to respond to the attacks.

Despite hundreds of young men causing disturbance and general panic from as early as 9pm in Cologne; hurling fireworks at people and buildings, the police commanding officer at the scene declined an offer of more than 80 reinforcements.

Information is now emerging that the Cologne Cathedral itself was attacked on New Year’s Eve, during which people had gathered for a church service. Again, this was not reported by the media, and is only now starting to come to light. No doubt there will be more to come.
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