Beware of the Ice Age!


Introducing XYZ science writer, Dr Ikbin Depp:

Beware the ice ageCartoon by Ryan Fletcher! Capitalist filth are endangering the earth by planning to geo-engineer the atmosphere for financial gain. Filth. Scum rapists of Mother Gaia. XYZ Scientists predict this will result in a friggin ice age. An Ice Age!

Norwegians and Scando’s will have to bloody well move to the Middle East for some warmth. The farkin ice caps won’t even melt in summer, and the polar bears will eat business men on the way to work. We need to stop toying with nature’s bits and let her pleasure herself as nature intended. XYZ calls hence forth for a big burning of forests, books, greens, oil, anything that burns, just burn it, because Winter Is Coming!!!

Researchers can now convert CO2 from the air directly into methanol fuel

Dr Ikbin Depp is a highly self esteemed doctor of science (accredited in the University of Khao San. He is a firm advocate of creationism, Gaiaism, gender fluidity, scientific dogma and can be trusted to add scientific credibility to the cutting edge of socio-scientific-political debates that flare up like social media wild fires in a el nino induced summer of extreme scientific events.