“Mad *ahem* B-tch” Quote of the Day


Emails and text messages can be dangerous, as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton discovered when he accidentally sent a text message referring to News Corp journalist Samantha Maiden as a “mad f_cking witch” to the wrong recipient, namely News Corp journalist Samantha Maiden.

The ABC’s Emma Alberici added her own slip of the tongue to Minister Dutton’s slip of the thumb this morning on News 24’s breakfast program. Playfully discussing the minister’s gaff with her co-host Paul Kennedy, Alberici, raising her eyebrows which only added more emphasis, blurted out “mad *ahem* b-tch.” Red-faced, she apologised to her audience and attempted to regain her composure.

Sorry Emma, just like Minister Dutton’s slip, this one is too hard to pass up. You are hereby awarded with XYZ’s ‘Quote of the Day’ for Monday 4 January, 2016.


Photo by mugley