Bloody Cyclists


“Cyclists in New South Wales will be fined more than $400 if they break the road rules, a move labeled ‘draconian’ by the Australian Cycling Party” (NSW’s cycling fines ‘draconian’)

I think the fines are a good idea. Many times I’ve narrowly avoided cyclists doing stupid things.

And the ones I’ve encountered are either ignorant gits or very angry individuals.

My favourite encounter was when I was driving through an intersection with a green light. A little Asian woman on a bike comes flying down the perpendicular street through the red light, sweeping in front of my car and then sits in the middle of the lane (not even in the bike lane) this woman ignores my horn toots and only quickly moves over when I drop into neutral and rev the engine – thankfully this actually is more threatening than my horn on the car I have.

Personally, cyclists shouldn’t be on roads anyway and a more European approach should be enacted where they have a section of footpath.

I had a quick look at the comments and most of them are saying how unfair it is, just because cyclists get to work faster, don’t use petrol etc. Basically being twats and not looking at the real reasons behind the fines, (like most lefties really). And if they’re going to use roads then why not pay rego? Hopefully it’ll bring down my rego a bit (I know it won’t.)

XYZ Guest Contributor – Grumpy Motorist

Photo by Kai Hendry