Warning! This is not Satire – World’s richest man says only Socialism can save us


imageBill Gates is not your average chardonnay Socialist. He’s more the dom perignon of Socialists. Having made his fortune, thank you very much, he’s now want to lecture the rest of us plebs on climate change and other catastrophes.

Acquiring a few lazy billion from the Capitalist system, Gates is now prepared to renounce the, err.. Capitalist system… in favour of a Socialist utopia that will supposedly rescue the world from the rising seas caused by all that melting ice in the Antarctic.

At least Bill is prepared to toss a bit of his own coin into those green energy schemes that always seem to fail. He won’t miss it. But what you will miss, good citizen, come the Socialist paradise Bill and his (uber rich) comrades advocate, is your chance to climb the ladder of opportunity and live in a very big house like Bill. Climate change makes that impossible you see. Something to do with the rate the Chinese are burning coal, Bill says. You know it makes sense.

Climate change is too important to let little people like you and me earn a decent income and prosper to the full extent we can. But never fear, Uncle Bill will be in charge of the farm come the revolution, and we will all be happy being equal, even if Uncle Bill is a little more equal than the rest of us. Won’t we?

Source: Bill Gates says that capitalism cannot save us from climate change