The Green Inside Diaries: Christmas Island Riot


4224377678_1f5bd6c68e_dear-diaryThe XYZ may or may not have received this exclusive leak from the Australian Greens. We name these documents, “The Green Inside Diaries”

“Woke up to the exciting news of a riot on Christmas Island. Realised how much I missed the good old days of the Christmas Island hunger strikes, drownings and human rights abuses. They really invigorated me and the old guard of Bobby Brown and Christy Milne.

“Anyhow, false alarm, as it was just a bunch of abusive New Zealanders roughing up the joint, though they are the victims, but still… why couldn’t they be more ethnic?

“Had a good chuckle listening to our boy Barrie on Auntie. Gave the government fellas a good relentless line of questioning about paying off people smugglers. With any luck we can get back to the good old days of the boats coming across the waters, and then its back to the front pages and headlines for me….”

*** The Green Inside Diaries may or may not be a satirical insight into the daily lives of senior Green leaders

It’s the XYZ


Photo by ayomide!