Presenting the inaugural XYZ Let’s Roll Award:


Although it is under sad circumstances, we are proud to present the inaugural XYZ Let’s Roll Award.

248693896_6d61298a15_Flight-93This award is named in honour of the passengers on Flight 93, who kicked off their on-board rebellion against the Islamic hijackers on September 11, 2001, with the now immortal line, “let’s roll.” The recordings we have from the black box of United Airlines Flight 93 indicate that a battle ensued on the aircraft as the passengers, alerted to the fact that the hijackers intended to use the aircraft as a flying bomb, determined to save the lives of others, even if they could not save their own.

Their bravery and their sacrifice set the standard for others who have stood up to Islamic terror since, most recently the three Americans who foiled a massacre by an Islamic terrorist on a French train on August 21, 2015.

Thus, this award goes to ordinary civillians who risk their lives to save others against attacks by Islamic terrorists. As the number of homegrown Islamic terrorist attacks increases throughout the West, so too will the number of heroes who rise to the occassion to stop them.

The inaugural XYZ Lets Roll Award goes to construction worker Byron Price. On Wednesday, 4th of November, 2015, an Islamic terrorist started a rampage with a hunting knife at the University of California, Merced. Hearing the commotion, Byron Price, unarmed, took on the Islamic terrorist, and stopped him from killing the people he had wounded in the classroom. Price was slashed across the waiste but lived to tell the tale, as did the victims of the Islamic terrorist. The Islamic terrorist was shot and killed by campus security guards.

To Byron Price, we say well done, and thank you.

Photo by Jeff Kubina