Who wants to be politically correct?


The term “politically correct” is rather pervasive these days. It’s a catch cry and a creed to aspire to and live by. But have you ever stopped and considered what it really means?

Consider this: As a politician your spin doctors will counsel you to never speak hard truths. You will be counselled to make false promises and avoid speaking painful trimageuths, or entering into nuanced debates that thread through complex concepts to reveal why an unpopular set of actions now will lead to rich rewards in the future. You will lie, cover-up and when the facts are undeniable, claim to have mis-spoken. You will erode civil liberties in the name of freedom. You will spend to solve a budget crisis or even the GFC. You will praise all minorities or be damned. And if you can claim to be one yourself, there is currency in that.

We are in the age of political correctness. Those who control it are my enemies. Those who aspire to it are my philosophical and ethical antithesis. The ABC and BBC and the Greens and majority of journalists and celebrities live by this creed. It is horrible to consider, but we have a cultural elite aspiring to the values of politicians.

And let’s face it – politicians are a horrible bunch really.

Who wants to be politically correct, and why? Go on, have this discussion with someone today. Goad them in by pointing out the vileness of politicians, and then you can really drive home the point about their smug level of correctness.