Turnbull on Dastyari: “I never realised he had such a whiney voice”



Originally published October 14, 2015.

Federal Labor Senator, Sam Dastyari used his first day in his newly promoted role on the opposition front bench to launch a personal attack on the Australian Prime Minister, renowned socialist Malcolm Turnbull. The personal attack centred on Turnbull’s use of offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Following the personal attack, the Prime Minister was reported as saying that he was ‘surprised.’ The PM continued:

‘I had never really heard him before. I had seen his name appear in the newspaper from time to time, so I knew who he was, but this was his first go on the big stage. I think I speak for all of us, when I say, I never realised he had such a whiney voice. I mean, it really is a little embarrassing. It is something he will need to work on if he is to be taken seriously.’

XYZ sources close to veteran Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan, tell us that he has referred to Dastyari as ‘a little girl’ on more than one occasion. When pressed, Tanya Plibersek admitted that Dastyari ‘does come across as a bit of a weeny.’

The ABC has not returned our calls.