Fix the Budget: A criminally sensible idea


There are some things in this world that do not make much sense. You would not do it if it were not already in place. Would you ban alcohol? Ban shoes? Ban cigarettes? Ban bra’s? Ban coffee? Ban bacon or televisions or watches? Ban parsley or garlic?

If you did, a black market would spring up, you would create an army of criminals, lose tax revenue, decrease employment, see crime rates rise, use more police resources, have more trials, needing more lawyers and judges, and you would create greater demand for jails.

You would see vast amounts of government revenue disappear, see government expenses rise. It would be hard to see any great political will to implement such a policy.

So, I present to you a simple solution. Its criminally simple.

imageIf you want to, instantly, reduce crime, increase employment, reduce government expenses, increase government revenue, free police resources, uncrowd the courts and jails and disempower the criminal networks who operate outside of the normal safety and quality control and employment laws of this country, legalise drugs.

All of them. Legalise the lot.

Tax it. Open up shops. Enforce quality standards. Take the money to educate people on responsible use. Don’t be scared, try it. Its worked wonders where it is done.

Its criminal not to.

But f!ck it, I am just a libertarian who would love to consume what I want, when I want, with who I want, how I want, legally, within reason, with piece of mind.