Afghan refugee repays Australia


The question that comes immediately to mind watching this disturbing report is not, how or why was he radicalised, but why is he still in our country? Having arrived here as a refugee from Afghanistan, this young man and his family were taken in by this country, given numerous benefits, and he repays it all by actively supporting the Islamic fanatics who want to kill us.

Demonstrating all the compassion of the ‘religion of peace’ this teenage Jihadi can’t feel a shred of sympathy for the victim shot in the back of the head by his mate Farhad Jabar. Oh, and by the way, his brother, also a ‘refugee’ from Afghanistan, is serving a life sentence for murder. Isn’t multiculturalism just great! What charming young citizens we are welcoming. Aren’t they just the pride of the nation. Are we awake yet?

Source: Teen member of Islamic State group suspected of Parramatta Shooting tells its inside story – 19/10/2015