What really matters 


President Obama was vocal yesterday about climate change, telling his audience that a leader who does not lead in relation to climate change is not fit to lead – there the auto-prompter ended, cue solemn look direct to camera one, and cut! Whilst the President was concerned about glaciers melting in the Arctic and deforestation in Alaska, it is not certain that these natural phenomenon have killed anyone yet. Meanwhile, in cities all over the United States, the homicide rate has risen sharply, and whilst black protesters chant hate speech directed at the police, a white Deputy Sherrif was killed, execution style, by a black man in Texas. President Obama has said a lot about why “black lives matter,” but has nothing whatsoever to say about the lives of law enforcement officers. He concerns himself, meanwhile, with showing leadership on the big issues. Somewhere in the Arctic circle a glacier is slowly melting…

Source: Video: Death to Cops Chant by #BlackLivesMatter After Goforth was Assassinated –