Quote of the day, 16 September 2015


Today’s quote of the day is from John Black, former Labor senator, speaking on the China Free Trade Agreement:

“It’s a throwback to the Labor Party of about 100 years or so ago, when you used to sit there in the old unions and there’d be a stamp under the desk saying ‘Made by European labour only’. I mean, this is appalling behaviour. The Chinese bailed us out of the last recession and this is the way we’re thanking them. I don’t accept it, and frankly, middle class, professional people across Australia are repulsed by it. It’s certainly xenophobic. As to whether it’s racist is subjective, but frankly, you can imagine what the response from the Labor Party would be if Abbott had done it. I think it’s appalling, frankly.”

Source: Malcolm Turnbull takes control and attention turns to Bill Shorten