Mainstream media narrative vs much more complicated reality


Mainstream media narrative: All migrants coming to Europe are fleeing civil war in Syria.

Reality: It is much more complicated. A large majority of them have no identification whatsoever. There is no way to prove they are all from Syria. One report suggests as few as 1 in 5 are from Syria, and video footage shows many are clearly from Africa, not the Middle East. Furthermore, the fact that so many are passing through peaceful countries which are relatively prosperous compared to their own, with the goal of getting to either Germany or England, belies their claim to be “refugees.”

Mainstream media narrative: The migrants from Syria are fleeing a war which the West started. Therefore it is only fitting that they come here.

Reality: It is much more complicated. The civil war in Syria got out of hand precisely because the West refused to get involved. This created a vacuum, which ISIS was able to fill. Similarly, the invasion of Iraq did not create ISIS. ISIS was able to fill the vacuum created when Barack Obama withdrew US troops, but failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement which would have provided back-up and much needed stability.

Mainstream media narrative: Migrants coming into Europe are being victimised by the people of Europe, particularly European police.

Reality: It is much more complicated. Many migrants who come to Europe are violent and aggressive, damage property, refuse provisions and chant Islamic slogans. In particular, many Europeans who try to help are swamped, taken advantage of, and put in danger themselves.

Mainstream media narrative: If you oppose the resettling of these refugees from war, you are exhibiting xenophobia, fear of the other, Islamophobia, bigotry and racism.

Reality: It is much more complicated. Our natural instinct is to want to help people when we see them suffering. But policies designed specifically to help any migrant who arrives in Europe are actually increasing suffering, because they encourage more people to risk their lives, many fatally, it causes immense suffering for those who survive the journey, and places incredible stress on the countries to which they are fleeing.

Furthermore, (as pointed out by XYZ contributor Keating,) Mainstream media are portraying images which are taken out of context, and in some cases choreographing them. From the staged drowned boy photo, to the refugees on train tracks (appearing to be victims of police brutality and about to be attacked when the truth is the polar opposite), how can the people have impartial, unbiased coverage of the facts. If only we had a government media organisation with significant funding to provide such a public utility…

Solution: Australia is practically the only country in the Western world which has been able to stop the flow of migrants coming to its shores by unofficial means, and dying by their thousands along the way. It has done so by refusing to let anybody in who does not come to Australia by official means. Although this has caused more suffering in the short to medium term, in the long run, it has prevented greater suffering from occurring, and it has been able to help more people by increasing its official intake of refugees.

Europe can do this if it has the political and cultural will. It will not be easy. Far from it. But in the long run, it should provide a solution.