Germany or Bust


Asylum is not about getting to safety. If it was, you wouldn’t see the deaths of people transiting through multiple safe countries, discarding identification, and avoiding registration as an asylum seeker until one arrives on the borders of one’s desired destination.

It’s about a better life, the socialist dream on a global scale… So, when Hungary endeavours to register an “asylum seeker”, the real crime is that the asylum seekers are being hindered by the fascist Hungarians, who don’t offer the better life they are shopping for..

Ditto with processing in Nauru and resettlement somewhere that is not Australia.

Just remember, a little boy died, Germany are the good guys. Makes me wonder why Germany just doesn’t cut to the chase and fly in anyone who wants to be German.

If I were Adam Bandt, I would write: “Germany needs to stop putting Syrians through needless pain and death. Surely they can just fly in those who want to claim asylum. The pictures of the drowned kids are too sad.”