Germany arouses migrants, but now asks them to stop.


Germany has just announced it is reimposing border controls.

“The rape of noblewoman Lucretia was a starting point of events that led to the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom and establishment of the Roman Republic. As a direct result of rape, Lucretia committed suicide.” (Source: Wikipedia)

One migrant explained “It’s a bit like walking in a mini skirt in a Middle Eastern street and then crying “rape,” before explaining that “Germany should just lay back and enjoy all comers.” Greens leaders have declared that “Self choice is bigotry. Germany should remember that.”

One fact remains, the poor migrants are coming en-masse after Germany’s repeated come hither, and the consequences are far reaching across the “migrant trail”.

In the words of our leftist friends, Germany should suck it up, open its back door, and do anything to let them in. In the migrants’ own words: They want Germany.