Europe’s Migrant Crisis, OR the Dystopian SEAMEN Regions’ Crisis?


Obviously it’s Europe’s fault, so it’s the European Migrant Crisis. A bit like global warming which isn’t, so it’s re-branded as Climate Change. What is driving Europe’s migrant crisis? Hungarians rushing to Spain, or Italians rushing to Greece or Swedes rushing to Libya?

Nothing like that.

It is a crisis of Europe being inundated, in a new normal, with economic migrants from failing states. It is Europe being inundated with displaced people from armed conflict in the Midde East and North Africa. It is Europe having, within its own borders, failing states which are also transit countries for the aforementioned “migrants”. It is Europe having generous welfare states and functioning economies in its north which lure migrants, often to their death.

We speak often of what Europe should do to address the crisis. The silence is deafening on what Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and so many others should do to address their multitude of crises which are spilling over to Europe and the West. The debate is non-existent. It is a fait accompli. But the media need to be lobbied to correct the branding of this crisis, so that the people know it is not Europe that is the cause, but Europe that is the victim. The current branding implies the contrary – the brand needs to speak the truth about the cause of the crisis.

The SEAMEN regions (South East Asia Middle East North-Africa,) have swelling populations. They harbor variants of a core ideology that qualifies a new born child as a refugee, as literally, they are targets for death and potential harbingers of death. These regions have porous borders. They have tribal conflicts. They have squandered in many cases vast oil wealth. Some promise Genocide, with the fervour the left pursue Gay Marriage.

Remember, and go out and strike up conversations, exactly why Europe or Australia is prosperous. Why it can offer peace and a social contract encompassing health care, education, liberty and so much more to its citizens, in return for payments such as taxes and governmental impositions.

What is the new normal for Europe was stopped in Australia. Lives were saved. And the Greens are determined to make it happen again. They are socialist-pathic killers in waiting.

Adages often contain truths we can ponder over such as: You can run from your problems, but you cannot leave them behind. Let’s hope, for Europe’s sake, for the sake of the West, for the “migrants'” sake, that such wisdom is not true in this case.

For if it holds true, today’s migrants crisis in Europe will grow into Europe being another story in the metastasising SEAMEN Regions’ Dystopian Crisis.