Sell Out


“The Border Force operation was no mistake, but a deliberate agenda to create fear in the community”.

So says Tony Windsor, the former “independent” member for the federal seat of New England, who retired and quit politics rather than face the people (and Barnaby Joyce) after helping inflict the catastrophic Gillard-Rudd government on voters. Such a man of principle is our Tony, that he is want to betray private conversations with Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop in a de572px-Tonywindsorsperate scream for media attention. He need not have screamed much at all really, the ABC were only too eager to lavish attention, and provide a media megaphone, to a man who is now plain old citizen Windsor, and not a news making Windsor at that.

One turgid volume of memoirs later, and poor old bitter and twisted Tony is now stooping so low, via the ABC (of course), as to claim the Abbott government are deliberately creating fear in the community in the hope of provoking an incident that will assist them in being re-elected on a national security platform – notwithstanding the fact that the federal government had not much at all to do about the “border farce” incident, but why let facts get in the way of an ancient and visceral hatred.

Only a man blinded by an all but pathological personal animosity could make such a claim with a straight face – an anthropologist would have a field day with him as a specimen. Perversely, only the so-called national broadcaster would be so similarly blinded as to broadcast these deluded rantings without question or intervention. No, the ABC thought Tony a man of integrity, and were only too keen to sit at the great man’s feet and soak up the be-jeweled wisdom that fell from his lips.

Tony is indeed a man of great integrity. A renowned campaigner for renewable energy and for action on climate change, his integrity was such that, when the opportunity came, he sold out the family farm to coal miners.

Source: Tony Windsor says Border Force patrol was ‘a deliberate act to create fear’