Europe, RUOK?


Europe, RUOK?

Jean François de Troy (French, 1679 - 1752 ), The Abduction of Europa, 1716, oil on canvas, Chester Dale Fund. National Gallery of Art, WashingtonI’m worried about you.

You look like you have been neglecting your self-care. I am concerned that you are letting people invade your personal space, and letting others disrespect your boundaries.

Europe, I know you are generous and compassionate, but I’m concerned you are letting people take advantage of you. Your recent relationships have been abusive.

For years you’ve talked a lot about ‘identity’, but I’m worried you’ve forgotten who you are.

To be honest Europe, you look sick. Your actions, self-destructive. I am concerned by your recent talk and behavior. Europe, RUOK?

Don’t forget who you are Europe – your beauty and achievements are unsurpassed.

You guarded the fragile beacon of civilisation for centuries, and in your cloisters, kept the the light of learning alive.

Europe, you taught the world about self-sacrifice, justice and compassion, and continue to lead the way.

Europe, RUOK?