Christian refugee preference ‘bigoted’ say Islamic leaders


Islamic leaders have hit back today after the Australian Abbott Government flagged taking refugees from Christian and other minority groups on a preferential basis from Syria’s immigration crisis.

800px-20060318_Australia_NSW_Sydney_AntiWarProtest_MuslimWomen“You don’t ask a drowning person what your religion is before you save them,” said Sydney Islamic community leader Ahmed Kilani, as reported  by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Ahmed further stated according to the SMH that “[T]his kind of bigoted fear mongering from the Abbott government is a new tragic low. It’s a betrayal of the true Australian spirit.

There are millions of people of all religions who have been displaced. This is the greatest human catastrophe in 70 years, yet we have a government that wants to play politics with this to appease the right wing constituents it has been cultivating”

“The government keeps saying it is worried about people being radicalised. What do you think young Muslims are going to think when they see who can come in and who can’t?”

Mr Ahmed, I think killing Christians, stealing their land and forcing them into dhimmitude over the past 1,400 years is pretty bigoted myself. What do you think?

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