Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale became the first Greens leader ever to appear on the Bolt Report last weekend. And he was doing okay, until the conversation turned to the events in Syria, and the causes generating the refugee crisis emanating from that country. Gathering up a Twitter-storm of western denial and delusion in a single sentence, the Greens leader asserted that “Islamic State is not the main game in Syria.”

No Senator? Just a minor irritant then, a passing fad, rebellious teenagers taking things a bit too far perhaps, or a rowdy madrassa on mid term break – all good natured though, boys will be boys after all?

This was yet another glowing example of the inexplicable determination of western ‘progressives’ to look the other way when it comes to Muslim fanaticism, and to absolve the Islamic faith and its adherents of as much culpability as can be claimed with a straight face.

Watch from 10.40 in, Bolta’s face is gold.