Western Feminism has gone and f%cked itself – how oppressive!


The XYZ recently issued a challenge; to be corrected on the topic of inaction from feminists to protect the long term interests of women’s rights in the Western sphere.

imageWe may have erred in attaching an image which encapsulated misplaced feminism as opposed to choosing an image which encapsulated imported cultural practices and ideological systems which are a slap in the face of everything that feminists ought to hold dear.

Pointedly, the image we attached was an anti-feminist ruse, design to discredit feminism. That the satire is indiscernible from the reality, and that the satire is hurriedly being ushered into the reality by feminists, is another talking point in itself. The fact no one (to our knowledge) pulled us up on this (while defending feminists in the comments we received) accentuates that the advocates of the frightbats know to simply follow the herd. Mindlessly.

Though broadly shared and commented on, we were bemused by the focus of the comments: Essentially, they do not address the key point.

One commenter told us to google away, the answer is there. That is, the definitive answer on how feminism in the West is safeguarding the rights of women in the West, including our new migrants’ women’s rights.

But, I say, google away, research away, and ye shall find: the answer is NOT there. Specifically, the XYZ was asking to be corrected on this point. We were pointed to an organisation that does nothing discernible to address the creeping attacks on women’s concerns in Western countries. Like FGM, etc etc.

The XYZ is committed to laying down the challenge until it is met. The fact it cannot be accepted is a response that needs to be highlighted. The fact that the stupidity of what passes for Western feminism is a populist source of derision speaks volumes. Basically… feminism… WTF… Its gone and fucked itself. How oppressive