Wally of the Week: Top 3


This has been such a big week for wallies, that Wally of the Week, named after Everyone’s Favourite Muslim Apologist, Waleed Aly, (TM) for the first time has multiple contenders:

3) Michael Ebeid.

The evidence suggests that the SBS managing director has either made a giant stuff, up by not quashing any idea of producing a show featuring Zaky Mallah as soon as he heard about it, or he has no idea what is going on inside his own organisation. Extra points for his vitriolic denial-by-Twitter.

2) Penny Wong.

Doing nothing to disabuse the views of those Cold War isolationists who hold that middle-aged lezzos tend towards the ‘grumpy dyke’ stereotype rather than the ‘pillow-fighting snatch-shaver’ popular in mainstream media, Penny Wong did a reverse Latho on Joe Hockey outside a radio studio this week.

“I will get my Zaky Mallah show someday” … Has Mallah been reading The XYZ?

1) Zaky “my name brings ratings” Mallah

For being Zaky Mallah. Like Ebeid, he issued a denial-by-Twitter, then, perhaps after reading an article by The XYZ, he prophesied, “I will get my Zaky Mallah show someday.”

Zaky Mallah,

Take a bow.