Terrorist charges dropped on Melbourne teenager


Terrorist charges against Melbourne teenager, Harun Causevic, who allegedly plotted to attack police on ANZAC Day, have been dropped in court today.

During the time of his arrest, Causevic’s father claimed that the arrest of his son was a conspiracyScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.36.41 PM against Muslims led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Although Causevic has pleaded guilty to weapons charges, his lawyer today demanded that the government apologise to Causevic, and provide compensation to him and his family.

But the terrorist charges were dropped on the basis that Mr Causevic promises to be very good, and to not be a naughty boy again.

Like Man Haron Monis, Causevic has been released on bail representing another win for Australia’s justice system.

In related news, SBS has today announced that Harun Causevic will be staring alongside Zaky Mallah in the soon to be broadcast, ‘Zaky Mallah Show.’

It’s the XYZ.