Penny Wong’s “strong campaign” cannot overcome six years in government with the numbers in the house


imagePenny Wong was given an open microphone (again) on Radio National today. The issue under discussion was, of course, the most pressing and urgent one for the nation – errr, same sex marriage anyway, a topic that never seems absent from the airwaves for very long over at their ABC.

Penny is described in this earnest report as “one politician who’s campaigned strongly for legalising same-sex marriage.” So strong has been Penny’s campaign that, over the six years in the very recent past that her party were actually in government, with the numbers in both houses of parliament, and even with a godless Prime Minister in charge, it just couldn’t be achieved.

This awkward fact did not, of course, arouse the curiosity of the ABC activist… sorry, journalist, interviewing Senator Wong on this occasion. No, the failure of Penny’s furious campaign to legalise same sex marriage in Australia, it was asserted, has nothing to do with the six years during which she and her party actually held the reigns of government, and had both the numbers and the opportunity required to so legislate – it’s all the fault of Mr Abbott of course.

It makes perfect sense at their ABC.


Source: Penny Wong on Government’s decision to rule out free vote on same-sex marriage – RN Breakfast – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)