The media and room 101


Things they do not want us to see:

1) Waleed Aly being asked his opinions on same sex marriage.

2) The Greens, in company with their Islamic allies, talking about the importance of women’s rights, gay rights, sustainable population (small family), equality.

3) The Greens in company with their cis-gendered friends talking about the importance of Halal, Sharia, honor killings and the beauty of diverse cultural practices and tribal based justice systems.11880372_10153087836662336_1786677812325864298_n

4) Booing of Adam Goodes.

5) Global non warming.

6) Sharia courts.

7) Aboriginal domestic dysfunction.

8) Unionist and politician rorts and entitlements.

9) National structural deficits.

10) Housing bubbles and the decline of the manufacturing industries.

Oh, there are plenty of other things they want us to see, very selectively filtered and categorised.

Try finding footage of Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Olympics when she was interviewed post-finish line and commented naively “My brothers have never been so happy – and they are not even drunk!”

It didn’t fit the narrative. Our media must not permit reality to get off message.

Adam Goodes crying racist perfectly fits their narrative.

It feels like Room 101 of institutional media political correctness.