Dumb and Dumber


imageOnly the Labor Party could be this dumb (on second thoughts, maybe that’s insulting to the Greens). But one can only marvel at the spectacular incompetence and singular stupidity of the Australian Labor Party.

Who else could bring you the atheist Prime Minister with openly gay front bencher who both said they opposed gay marriage for no apparent reason? Who else could design a tax (the mining tax version 2) that didn’t actually raise any money, but insist it would make money and spend all the money it never raised anyway? Who else could send an entire nation completely broke and cripple it with massive debt during a once in a generation mining led economic boom of epic proportions? Who else could insist hundreds of times in the nation’s parliament that the budget would return to surplus when Labor hadn’t delivered one for decades, were never going to, and probably couldn’t even turn a profit at a Country Women’s Association cake stall using wholly donated goods.

And the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance – what other bunch of clueless nincompoops masquerading as a government could introduce a public holiday that no one actually wants but, you guessed it, the Labor Party?

It really doesn’t get any dumber than this, excepting perhaps the morons who actually vote for this bunch of ex union officials and trough fed lawyers.