Arthur, arise!


In the spirit of justice for first peoples, XYZ draws attention to the plight of the indigenous people of the then obscure island described in this article by National Geographic who were subject to a sustained invasion by foreign settlers, resulting in an apartheid like society, and a tragic loss of identity.

The original custodians of this once peaceful land (putting aside the occasional human sacrifice) were forcibly displaced, generations were enslaved if not stolen, and a most ancient language, together with the somewhat brutal native culture that accompanied it, was tragically lost, surviving now only in a few council estates on the fringes of London.

Is it not time now for justice for the indigenous peoples of Britain, whose land was so ruthlessly stolen by Angles, Saxons and Jutes all those centuries ago? Has the time not come for the court of Camelot to reconvene, and for the descendants of the ancient Britons to rise up and take back what is theirs (assuming someone can find them)?

We are not sure where one would start in rectifying this historical injustice, but strongly encourage anyone named Arthur to undergo DNA testing now for traces of some Celtic heritage, however remote. A land rights claim on Stonehenge, and a nice town house in the West End, would also seem an appropriate way forward.

Britons arise!