Nova Peris: Abbott should sack Andrew Bolt


This is the kind of Australia Labor Senator Nova Peris wants:299801-nova-peris

One in which the Prime Minister can pick up a phone and demand that a journalist be sacked. In this case, Senator Peris was calling for the sacking, and silencing, of journalist Andrew Bolt, for denying a key tenet of the indigenous rights industry, the existence of the ‘stolen generation.’

Happily, the current PM is very unlikely to pick up the phone as instructed, and demand the sacking of the offending journalist, neither does he have that power. But do take note of the sort of Australia Senator Peris longs for.

It’s not all that long ago that the same Labor party wanted to place the media under an external authority. Anyone spot the enemies of free speech yet?

Nova Peris: Bolt should go (The New Daily)