AFL confuses fans, tribal gestures now not OK


Richmond star Dustin Martin has been reported for misconduct under the AFL’s “please play nice children” policy, and faces an extended spell in re-education cam11949347_1627614210823509_5872531927497096721_np for the outrageous offence of – wait for it – “gesturing rudely toward the crowd.”

The XYZ has learned that Dusty’s defence will be that it was culturally appropriate for him to perform the traditional action known among his people as “the one fingered salute.”

This profoundly Australian gesture is a ritual act well known, and widely testified, among outer-suburban bogans in front bars across the land, and often accompanies the more disturbing tribal performance of “the moon” when delivered from a moving vehicle.

On this occasion the one fingered salute was delivered independently of the moon, and directed at members of the crowd who had been demonstrating the same traditional ritual in an overly lavish manner throughout the afternoon. Police are investigating suggestions that a spike in weekend release from Barwon Prison may have exacerbated the tense situation, by allowing more Collingwood supporters than usual to be present at the end of the ground normally frequented by members of the Richmond tribe.

Source: Dustin Martin faces fine for gesture to Collingwood fans | AFL | Fox Sports