‘Weather’ is not climate, stupid!


As I write, a massive cold front is sweeping its way across South Eastern Australia. Blizzards are expected in the Victorian and New South Wales Alpine Regions, and parts of Queensland may even get a dusting of snow.

Right now, I can hear you (if not you, someone else) reminding me that ‘weather is not climate!’

Well, indeed, it is not.

By the same token, whenever there is a bushfire and someone from the Greens squeals ‘climate change!’, perhaps you or I should politely reminded them that change in weather does not equate to climate change? My hunch is that our reminder would fall on deaf ears.

Perhaps this ‘deafness’ is because climate change alarmists have rigged the deck? Whatever happens – snow, heat or drought can, and is used as evidence of climate change. So long as the climate (or weather) is ‘changing’ (ummm… which it has inconveniently not done as much as some would have liked over the last 18 or so years) then that confirms that climate change is real.


Of course, this completely ignores the fact that ‘change’ is exactly what climates do, and what our climate has done over the earth’s 4.5 billion year existence.

And ‘change’ is also what the weather does, in fact. Particularly when you live in Melbourne, where the weather changes so much it gives us all four seasons in one day.