Wally of the Week


11703306_10155845471850300_6712802876720729013_nWelcome to the newest XYZ segment, Wally of the Week, named after Everyone’s Favourite Muslim Apologist[TM], Waleed Aly. The honour of being the first cab off the ranks has to go to Bill Slogan, sorry, Bill Shorten, whom we have to thank for one of the most glorious train-wrecks of an interview of all time, on last night’s 7:30 Report on the ABC. His performance has sparked outrage on the left, and hilarity on the right. We offer this little morsel:

“Well we’ve started to outline our policies now. I mean we’ve said today that we support, by 2030, the ambition of having 50 per cent of our energy mix that Australians use and households and business being derived from renewable energy sources.

“We support…the ambition of having 50 per cent of our energy mix…being derived from renewable energy sources”

Shorten (ha) it to: “Labor’s policy – support ambition; guarantee nothing.”

It’s your XYZ.