Viewer Poll: What do you find “nice” about ISIS.


Dr Anne Aly, the go to academic on matters of global terrorism for the Fairfax press and the ABC, said at a counter terrorism conference during the week (we’re not making this up, really) – “And I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.” In the spirit of Dr Aly’s wish, we present tonight’s reader poll:

imageNotwithstanding that it’s quite hard to get one’s head around a concept if it is separated from your shoulders by a blade wielding fanatic, what do you find “nice” about ISIS?

1) That they have brought back public executions in a big way?

2) Their very pragmatic approach to social cohesion – do as we say or die?

3) Their contribution to fashion, in making the entirely black burqa the must have item of clothing on the streets of Raqqah?

Over to you.

It’s your XYZ.