Rhetoric and reality


Yesterday’s Reclaim Australia rally exposed the disconnect between the rhetoric we hear from particular political groups, and the reality of their actions.

The ‘high moral ground’ the progressive left claims for itself, and their so called ‘anti-racist’ acolytes, showed the disconnect between their rhetoric and their violent behavior as they attempted to storm the police line and barricades at yesterdays ‘Reclaim’ rally.

Rhetoric and realityThese groups claim a monopoly on compassion, generosity, and anti-violence, yet show in reality, they represent everything but.

While there has always been a gulf between the ideals we hold and aspire to, and the reality of life and human frailty, something seems to be different with the contemporary left. Post-modern relativism has enshrined this gulf, so that now, what is regarded as compassion is not generous and loving service given by oneself, but deeming that someone else’s resources should be used to fund welfare or a preferred political cause.

Whilst the disparity between rhetoric and reality shown by the reclaim counter protests yesterday is so visible ‘blind Freddy’ could see it, we wait to see whether the Reclaim movement matches rhetoric with reality. Whilst groups such as ‘Reclaim’ and the United Patriots Front state that they affirm democratic freedoms and multi-racial society, how they respond to fascist and other unsavory elements remains to be seen – however I was pleased to see yesterday that UPF members told in no uncertain terms,  a rather infamous neo-nazi who had been at a previous protest, and appeared emblazoned in the media , that he was not welcomed at the protest. Of course, replacing one tyranny (leftism) with another (fascism) is not the solution to our current social and political problems.

Reclaim and others must continue to show that their rhetoric matches reality, and to affirm that they represent the concerns of Australians, and not something else which their opponents, the left is so adept at doing.

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