GetUp! and Greens confirm: ABC is mouthpiece of the left


Following the lead of the Australian Greens, the left wing organisation, ‘GetUp!’ has launched a campaign to fund political action in electorates where recent criticism of the ABC is likely to have an impact.

This action by GetUp!, complementing the Greens’ ‘Hands off our Aunty’ campaign, Landscape is more evidence that the ABC is not only biased, but as a media organisation, has become hopelessly, and perhaps irredeemably politicised. The ABC is supposed to be an independent and impartial media service for all Australians, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that this is not the case.

What is becoming crystal clear is that the ABC is only serving one constituency in Australia, and that is the ‘progressive’ Left. Not only is the ABC only serving the left, the desperate campaigns launched by the Greens and GetUp! reveal that the ABC acts as an important mouthpiece and advocate for their policy agenda. Without the ABC’s billion dollar plus budget provided by tax payers, and vast resources to disseminate the so called ‘progressive’ agenda, the left would have to rely on its own resources and funds to promote its political platform.

Of course, this is why the Greens and GetUp! have been so quick to criticise calls for the ABC to be accountable to its charter, to all Australians and tax payers, and have launched their campaigns defending the ABC and its bias.

If GetUp!, Greens and left wing Australians want a media organisation that is going to serve their political interests and act as their mouthpiece, shouldn’t they establish one and pay for it themselves?

Of course they should. It is highly inappropriate that the national broadcaster, which is required to be impartial, and is paid for by all Australian tax payers, be appropriated by the political left to serve its purpose.

But this is yet another shining example of the leftist propensity to take other people’s money and resources, with a sense of entitlement, and to use them for their own ends.