The XYZ Effect


Media experts have today presented new data pointing to a phenomenon they have dubbed “The XYZ Effect.” According to an unnamed source, “The XYZ Effect” can be described as follows:

image“Until June 1, the ABC held a monopoly over public broadcasting in Australia. Since the introduction of The XYZ, and its challenge to the ABC for half of its budget, support has increased for either the privatisation of the ABC, or for its splitting in two so both sides of the political spectrum can be represented. This has coincided with a series of missteps by the national broadcaster, which has brought its relevance, mission, and perhaps even its existence, into question.

“While there is no proven direct causal link, as yet, between the foundation of The XYZ and the diminished standing of the ABC, we do see a strong correlation. Our best theory as to why this is occurring is the introduction of competition. The ABC has become coddled, as it has never had to compete seriously with another media organisation vying for government funding.

“From now on, the ABC will need to justify why it deserves more government funding than its competitor. So far, it appears to have been caught off guard.”

So there you have it, viewers. The science is settled, the ABC, unused to competition, is in free-fall. It is only a matter of time before The XYZ becomes the dominant player in the public broadcasting market.