The ABC in crisis: It has just gone fully into denial


What the ABC reported after last nights Q&A:

“Steve Ciobo tells man acquitted of terrorism charges, Zaky Mallah, that he should no longer be a citizen.”


Who is Zaky Mallah?

The good guy “victim” owns a twitter account,, and he even has a wikipedia profile,

imageBut wait!  After an “in depth” investigation, XYZ found the victim had previously been the subject of a hard hitting interview by the ABC. In January 2013, Mallah was a member of a panel interviewed by ABC journalist Stephanie Smail. According to Smail, Mallah started the Free Syria Army Australia group.

Let’s follow up on this! Key extracts of this interview seemed consistent with last night’s podium performance. ABC advising in 2013 how to go to Jihad?!?:

The ABC understands Australians who’ve expressed an interest in fighting in Syria can use Australian contacts to connect with armed groups. Zaky Mallah says many Australians wait until they reach the border to join a specific group.

ZAKY MALLAH: It’s as simple as going to the border, the Turkish/Syrian border. I mean once you’re there and you cross into Syria, you can pretty much ask for what you want. If you want to join a humanitarian aid group, they’ll link you to the group within the next few hours. If you want to join a fighting platoon, you’re one phone call away from that.

And later – after highlighting his legal victory (like OJ Simpson, who was judged not-guilty of murder), the victim gushes with admiration for Jihadis:

STEPHANIE SMAIL: Zaky Mallah was previously charged under Australian anti-terror laws but found not guilty. He describes the group that’s claiming responsibility for the attack, Jabhat Al Nusra, as an elite fighting force with deep religious beliefs.

ZAKY MALLAH: Some of these individuals have had experience fighting in Iraq against US troops. Jabhat Al Nusra has had fighters for Russian forces in Chechnya. This organisation more or less, Jabhat Al Nusra is the elite. They have the best of all best foreign fighters who are gathered in one location in parts of Syria taking on as a force to the frontline, so these guys are pretty heavy duty.

And finally, lets talk about the religious righteousness and truthfulness of the Jihadis:

STEPHANIE SMAIL: But he doesn’t believe the group would lie about the background of the suicide bomber.

ZAKY MALLAH: Jabhat Al Nusra is not an organisation that is willing to lie, Jabhat Al Nusra are straightforward and once they declare something on their website, 100 per cent of the time you’ll find it, it’s always true and very credible. You might find other platoons, other groups, you know, they may use propaganda here and there. But with Jabhat Al Nusra for example, because it’s a religious ideology and most of the fighters are very, very religious, you’ll find that most of their footages that they release or videos that they release on the website, is I could say 100 per cent true.

After last night’s performance, the ABC can be accused of many things. But it is consistent. It is unwilling to be self critical despite the Leftist-Islamic rabbit hole it has crawled into. And it is now an unashamed Jihadist propaganda tool.

Is this your ABC?