Top 10 Reasons why the ABC is not biased.

10) The Greens cannot afford to fund their own national propaganda network.

9) Too often terrorists are marginalised. In the interests of diversity and inclusion they must be given a prime time platform.

8) Someone once found them not guilty of bias or something or other… so the science is settled.

image7) It is our ABC.

6) Because the ABC has a charter that binds it to institutional impartiality. If it were, hypothetically, to breach its charter, it would be subject to accountability and remedial actions.

5) We will settle this on Q&A. And we can assure you, the audience will find us not guilty.

4) Who said that the ABC is biased? We will send some people around to change your mind.

3) Because any time unfounded allegations are made, ALL Australians defend us, and not just Labor and the Greens

2) Charter? What Charter? Vote Green.

1) Because F*ck Abbott!