Eric the Social Media Nazi


The XYZ has a friend called Eric. That is not his real name. Eric is a contradiction – a freedom of expression grammar Nazi. He is a quite adept troll, defending the ABC and Greens and all things progressive against viewpoints outside of his ideology.

Who knows, he may very well be ABC funding at work, a form of guerrilla warrior who is sent in to unleash his attacks on those who oppose the new group-think.

Perhaps Eric is the future?

Imagine, a state media apparatus which executes its own agenda, all the while tasked with providing the population with unbiased news and information. The line across to propaganda may become blurred, but we are not there yet.

imageBut, an Eric would be an excellent addition to the IS, or the DDR in its day, or many of the -ism’s of the 20th century. A ruthless ideologue, sent to render dissenters as “redundant in real time”.

Eric is part of the reason we are here. Eric will permit your freedom to express provided it’s agreeable to him. Eric is the dark side of the ABC.

Eric is watching you.