Common words and their actual meanings


The meaning of words can be confusing at times, especially in our present post modern era. In the olden days, “bigot” just meant bigot – a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. But not any longer. Bigot now means: “you disagree with correct leftist thought and therefore must be silenced,” and, “I will behave like a bigot myself whilst accusing you of being a bigot”.512px-See_No_Evil,_Hear_No_Evil,_Speak_No_Evil

So if you’re having trouble understanding what people are talking about, this handy list of common words and their actual meaning is sure to help!

Meaning: Including ideas and people who agree with me and suppressing all alternative views that don’t fit the predetermined definition of ‘inclusive’.

Meaning: Celebrating difference, but ensuring that any differences are utterly inconsequential.

Meaning: Pointing out any cultural differences where you place a higher value on your own culture.


Meaning: Open to everything and anything, as long as you agree with what I am open- minded about.


Meaning: A word thrown at a person to abuse them when they disagree with you, or you disagree with them, and you have failed to use logic and reason.


Meaning: Whatever you want it to mean, but especially in relation to whatever relationship I think I want.

Meaning: A demand that the government use taxpayers money to pay for (or, alternatively, conduct a study into, or form a committee to investigate) something a particular individual or group wants.


Meaning: To inform people how and what they must think about a group or issue which has been deemed politically correct. Any deviation from this line will lead to being classified ignorant.

Meaning: Legal term. The cause of all violent crime when the defendant is guilty or found to be guilty.


Meaning: To question or disagree with Islam.


Meaning: Extending to lazy people stuff others worked hard for.

Meaning: Extending to disreputable people the respect others worked hard for.

Meaning: Hard work, commitment and sacrifice expected of you, but not put in by another.

Meaning: Theft by unaccountable service provider with total market monopoly.

Meaning: Explaining that Islam is a religion of peace immediately after any atrocity committed in Islam’s name.

Meaning: Deriving enough dopamine from daily life one no longer cares enough to say ‘I told you so’

Public transport
Meaning: That thing you’ve learned to enjoy, even feel smugly superior about using. Except on cold and rainy days like today.

We hope this handy list helps to clear up some of the uncertainties of modern life!

Sincere thanks to those who contributed to this compilation – you know who you are.

And to our viewers, please feel free to tell us the true, but often unspoken meanings of words you’ve come across!