“But we are just a transit country.”


I wonder what the Australian Asylum Seeker Enablers have to say about this in relation to recent statements by various countries: “But we are just a transit country”. This latest statement was from Serbia in relation to Hungary trying to stop migrants flowing via Serbia into their territory.

They are safe in these transit countries, its just that the “benefits”, as in welfare benefits, are better elsewhere. Or to call a Spade a Spade – the welfare state of our watermelon friends beckons, and the queue jumping economic migrants obey the call. Any effort to mitigate this is met with cries of racism, lack of compassion or as a breech of Human Rights.

imageI say, these people are, wittingly or not, guilty of luring migrants to their deaths. Guilty for growing social issues in the country. Guilty of placing stress on the Governments social contract to legitimate citizens.

In their minds, I think Australia has zero asylum seeker intake if we don’t accept boat people. Such a perception is a complete reality distortion, akin to say economic migrants are refugees. I do not think we turn back Indonesians or New Zealanders fleeing life threatening persecution by a perilous sea journey to Australia. We turn back economic migrants. And the left hates that, like they hate us.

One thing is for certain, it is the average Australian who will pay for the crimes of the left. I wish Waleed Aly would be as passionate about the differentiation between fleeing for your life versus transiting for welfare benefit upgrades, as he is about questions of cash for boat turn-backs.