The Iranian Black Swan

Bell 212 helicopter.

The president of Iran and the foreign minister have been confirmed dead in a helicopter crash. Andrei Martyanov believes that it was not an assassination but rather an incident.

Before we go all Mossad or CIA on it, keep in mind–there was a strong fog. Same happened to General Lebed, at that time Krasnoyarsk Krai governor, who thought that if he was a big boss that this negates the safety procedures. He made pilots fly, heli caught electric lines in fog, crashed and everybody died. So, keep in mind a possibility of TPTB overruling pilots. If the heli itself (granted old Bell 212 could have suffered malfunction prior to crash) could have been the culprit, Iranian Bell was most likely much older than the last Bell 212s delivered in 1998. We may be looking at Bell 212 from 1980 at best. 44 years for heli it is pushing it, especially the one which is not supported by the US but had to be maintained.

The Bell range is indeed past its use by date. I had to fly in a Bell a couple of times and it was a rather nerve racking experience; give me a Sikorsky any time.

But it doesn’t matter. This will become known as a Black Swan event moment. It will create great ripples of instability and mistrust in a world where the affected players are already highly on edge. It has the potential to be the spark that sets alight the fire that gets out of control. When the great powers are playing their power games and moving around their pieces while fully believing that they have things well in hand, all it takes is an unforeseen event like this to shatter that illusion.

I consider this to have the potential to become a catalyst that will rival the twin towers event in 2001.

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