Tucker Carlson’s Wasted Opportunity


The Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin highlighted the fact that we are not a serious people. Carlson is the best that we can do, but anyone with half a brain watching his handling of the interview; and remember it was supposed to be Carlson’s interview, could only come to the conclusion that our media is entirely made up of frauds, bootlickers and the criminally incompetent.

The Russians are a serious people and they have been for some time. They have a serious leader who is fully aware that his Western opponents are immature lunatics who possess nuclear weapons. The people of the West are self-indulgent, lazy, drug addled, sex infatuated, atheists. We haven’t been cursed with these leaders by some remote smiting by a devilish hand; our leaders are indeed who we are.

Putin’s first fifteen minute historical lecture was informative and revealing. However, a competent interviewer would not have designed his first question to be so ambiguous and with such half truths that the subject in question would be justified in taking control of the situation. Yet that is what we got, which is a lost opportunity because the majority of viewers in the West would have turned it off at that point and gone back to their Royals with cheese.

The greatest misunderstanding as regards the Ukraine conflict in the minds of the average citizen of the West is that Russia started the war in 2022 out of nowhere; with no provocation at all. What is fascinating is that the same people who think this to be the truth are also convinced that Israel started the latest conflict in Gaza on October 7th. Which is why the elites and their media lapdogs are so upset with the massive upswing of support for the Palestinians. Israel is going to lose because they have lost the propaganda war. Even if they win the military war, and that is looking very doubtful, the Israeli brand will remain irrevocably tainted.

Hitler also lost the propaganda war in 1939-1940, although Germany had decisively won every battle of the war up to that point. Germany needed peace because it did not have access to the required raw materials for a sustained conflict. The USA scuttled all diplomatic efforts, as it had already done so effectively in 1938 and 1939.

Russia has been losing the propaganda war for the past 20 years. It has become the easy boogy man of choice for the West to dump its breathtaking lies. Case in point was the Russia collusion hoax that Hillary Clinton’s team came up with in 2016 as a last ditch effort to keep Trump off balance so that he didn’t stick the lot of them in jail. And it worked.

Putin squarely presented facts such as the US interference in the 2014 election, (the very act that Clinton hysterically and falsely accused Russia of doing), the overturning of the Minsk agreements, and many other uncomfortable truths. But if Tucker Carlson was a serious man then he would have designed his interview to present these facts in a manner in which the average Westerner would have suffered a series of uncomfortable light bulb moments. I have no doubt that Putin gave the interview because he hoped that Carlson would do exactly that. But he was not dealing with a serious man, and the great opportunity was wasted.

For those of us in this dark corner of the internet, there was nothing new in the interview; apart from the historical context that Putin gave in the first section. For the average man on the street however, whose opposition to Israel’s war crimes has so infuriated the ruling elites, I very much doubt that any of them would have been woken up by Tucker Carlson’s overlong monolith of an interview.

A thirty minute exposé with the goal of enlightening the average viewer as to the real state of affairs in the Ukraine since 2014 would have been of incalculable value with regards to undermining our ruling elites. Those same elites will no doubt be breathing a great sigh of relief, as Carlson displayed that a lifetime of working in journalism ensures that one is a highly respected member of the club of people who are not serious.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill.