Let’s hear it for 50 year old White Guys


I’m going to give my thoughts on the Oceangate submarine implosion saga, and I’m doing it as a 50 year old white guy with a strong background in adventure tourism, marine rescue and sea survival training. You know, just the sort of person that the CEO of this clusterfuck would not have wanted on his strong and diverse team.

Speaking of strong and diverse teams, here is who would have proudly and arrogantly greeted you if you were silly enough to part with 250K cold hard cash with these clowns:

Now, I don’t know about you, but if that was the critical team to greet me on any type of marine adventure I would not get on the damn boat. That is not a cheap shot on my part; I repeat, I would not get on that boat, no way, not for any inducement.

I learnt a few things over the last 30 years I spent working as a professional rafting guide and sea kayaking guide all over the world, and then as a safety professional in the offshore oil & gas industry specialising in among other things, sea survival, rescue at sea, and how to survive a helicopter ditching.

I learnt that things can go wrong very quickly in marine environments. I learnt that you always need the very best people around you and that your gear has to be top notch. I also learnt that cutting edge often ends up meaning a giant turd wrapped in candy. I also worked with a few women who were in the elite category. They turned up once every five years or so. Not many of them around. Because it’s abnormal for a woman to be good at this stuff. And the reason why?

It’s all easy until it starts to get difficult. And that’s when it counts. And women in general are just not wired that way.

Let me try and give you a small example. On Saturday night I helped out with a hot air balloon event. It was my first time on a hot air balloon which means that I know nothing about them. What I observed was that it was a very simple thing for the pilot of the balloon to open the gas valves and go up to the height of about 30 meters where it then sat tethered to three high tensile lines attached to large vehicles. It was a very simple thing indeed.

Until it wasn’t. The thermals changed and the wind shifted slightly while the balloon was aloft and then I saw the skill involved. What counts is being able to handle things when it gets ugly, and that includes being able to handle yourself as well as other people.

Back to that photo of the five female employees. Give me a break.

As for the sub itself, its stupid design, the idiot CEO who fired good people for telling him what he didn’t want to hear? I saw it all myself in the adventure tourism industry from behind the scenes. After working in that industry for so long, there is no sort of organised tour that you will get me to participate as a paying or non paying customer. Parachuting, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and all the rest of it. No way. Not doing it. Not with today’s fad for diversity and inclusion. Let alone a submarine trip down to the Titanic, which by the way is macabre and highly disrespectful of those who died there. Heck, getting on a commercial flight worries me now, that is until I see the 50 year old white guys sitting at the controls.

So let’s it for us 50 year old white guys. You all don’t like us and don’t need us. That is, until you do need us.

A couple of excellent reports on the submarine debacle:

Antiwhite Zealots give their lives.


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