Another bad poll for “Voice” spells disaster for Albo


The Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has gambled his entire political capital on the success of the so-called aboriginal “voice to parliament”. It’s turning into a disaster for him:

A new poll has revealed that less than half of the country is planning vote ‘Yes’ for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum.

The Newspoll data found just 46 per cent of voting-aged Australians are backing Anthony Albanese’s signature policy, with 43 per cent opposing it.

The remaining 11 per cent said they didn’t know whether they would support it or not.

It’s a concerning sign for the Prime Minister’s ‘Yes’ campaign after previous polls suggested a higher level of support – above 50 per cent.

That previous poll to which they refer showed a drop in support from 58% to 53%, while another poll had already indicated support for the voice was below 50% nationally. Curiously, since XYZ News began linking to the latter poll, it has mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

But the government has claimed all signs still point towards the referendum succeeding – opening the door to establish an Indigenous advisory body to Parliament and enshrine First Nations People in the Constitution.

Yeah right. What they mean is that the entire political, media and corporate establishment is backing it.

Football codes have been transitioned into megaphones for aboriginal and homosexual identity politics.

Look at the footballers in the second video – they want to shoot themselves. Ordinary Aussies are completely against this nonsense:

The poll, conducted for The Australian, is the first to ask voters the exact question that will be asked at the ballot box when the referendum is held in the second half of this year. 

Women, young Australians and those who lived in the city with a university education are more likely to vote Yes, according to the results.


Men are slightly more inclined to vote no, while those over the age of 50, along with non-university educated Australians and people living in regional areas expressed the greatest opposition to voting Yes.

Ordinary Aussies simply aren’t buying it. We just emerged from 2 years of gaslighting regarding Covid, and hundreds of thousands of Australians marched for months in Australian capitals, outraged by lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Aussies are not in the mood for being told what to do all over again, and our bs-metre is off the charts at this one:

The following, seen on Twitter, sums up the doublespeak:

“I turn on TV and get told to vote Yes.

My grocery store says that I must vote Yes.

And for some reason Pfizer wants me to vote Yes.

I think about this and it makes me suspicious.

I try to relax at the footy, but even there I get lectured.

They say they’re ‘the first voice from the first people of the first day’.

But I get the feeling they’re the first among equals.

And in Canada they have something called an ‘acknowledgment of country’.

I watch one on Youtube: it’s like our ‘welcome to country’.

How did people from opposite sides of the world end up with identical ‘traditions’?

I think maybe they have the same script writer.

Or maybe I’m just a racist.

I get told that diversity is celebrated.

But when I offer my opinion my bank account gets frozen.

I get fired from my job, censored online, then fined for hate speech.

It turns out diversity just means non-white people with the same opinions.

And now I know that they don’t actually want a referendum.

It’s an ultimatum: vote Yes, or else.”

The issue of cratering support for “the voice” is likely triggering alarm bells for the Prime Minister and for Labor. After the chaos of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years they changed the Party rules to make it harder to depose a sitting PM, but the prospect of a failed referendum could lead to drastic action regardless.

AnAl was installed to deliver “the voice” for his globalist masters. If he cannot deliver, perhaps they will instal someone who can.

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