The End Of Pax Judaica?


From National Justice.

Joseph Jordan

What does a planet held hostage by mentally sick people who respect neither national or moral boundaries look like?

This is the weird and stupid world of Pax Judaica, where you can expect a Zionist-led entourage featuring purple haired women and transvestites to waltz into the room to threaten you with the might of the US military and economic war if you dare pass a homosexual solicitation law. Refusing their demands means your people are dispatched to the wide and deep graveyard of millions of innocents killed by hunger blockades and bombs in the name of “human rights.”

Under Pax Judaica, unending refugee crises that sap developing nations of their youth while introducing permanent ethnic problems to Western recipients is not a problem to mitigate, but a policy to engineer and facilitate. Conflict, agony, confusion, disorder — these are imposed on all for the benefit of the few.

Yet today, Pax Judaica and its visage — a feeble retiree named Joe Biden — faces its most formidable challenge since the Second World War.

Recent diplomatic developments such as the Chinese brokered rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which could potentially end the gruesome Yemen war and reduce sectarian violence in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, was received with a “nervous” sigh by Zionists in Washington and Israel.

The frightening specter of world peace doesn’t end with the Middle East. China’s overtures to persuade the Ukrainians and Russians to come to the negotiating table — something all sane Americans and Europeans want — has provoked mumbled cursing aimed a “war-weary world” that might choose dialogue over NATO and George Soros’ plainly stated objective to use Eastern Europeans as globalist cannon fodder.

The Chinese are not disinterested pacifists. Beijing’s proposal for a new order is grounded in the traditional European concept of Westphalian sovereignty, where pragmatism and mutual respect for boundaries trump ideological crusades and imperial overreach. War is bad for business and the Chinese want to trade with everybody.  The Saudis and Iranians aren’t interested in how China deals with Muslim Uyghur separatists, and Xi Jinping doesn’t care if Muslim women in Muslim countries wear a hijab. The basic premise of being a good neighbor and minding your own business is so attractive that disparate nations with sometimes conflicting interests are willing to turn down pallets of cash from America to pursue this alternative.

But Pax Judaica rejects reason-based diplomacy. They know it is irrational to use SWIFT to economically and politically isolate the 80 million strong oil producing power of Iran in order to satiate the expansionist ambitions of 7 million Jewish Israelis, whose chief exports are spyware and foreign election meddling.

Sobering up and returning to reality is simply not on the table. Pax Judaica pushed Russia and China back-to-back by forcing both to the brink out of pettiness and hubris. They can consult oracles to tell them feel-good stories about the imminent collapse of the Chinese economy or the coming Yugoslavian breakup of the Russian Federation, but at the end of the day, their habit of dramatically escalating every dispute has diminishing returns now that everyone knows they’re only holding a pair of twos. Our current crop of leaders inherited unlimited power carefully crafted over many years by figures like George F. Kennan and evil genius Henry Kissinger, but as is typical in heir stories, the losers, nepotism babies and affirmative action hires squandered it all in no time.

The new order limits the thuggish buffoons in Washington even in their own backyard. Competing superpowers that can check globalist plutocrats in New York and DC who have decided that sovereign nations are just “lines in the sand” makes for a world where small nations can choose alliances and play different powers off against one another in pursuit of their own interests.

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele’s unprecedented campaign to combat corruption and defeat MS-13 would’ve been unthinkable 10 years ago. The project has drawn the ire of the US government, even though this strategy could allow the failed Central American state to become livable and develop economically on its own terms. If Bukele succeeds, this will inevitably help curb illegal immigration from his country to the United States. Central American “asylum seekers” state that their main reason for leaving is gang violence, now El Salvador’s homicide rate is lower than many American cities.

Only a lunatic could complain and that’s exactly what they are doing. Yet Bukele has boldly blown off Washington’s meddling in his country and intensified his crackdown against gangs by putting 2% of El Salvador’s adult population in prison.  The young president’s decision to ignore, dismiss and mock his local US ambassador would in other scenarios be tantamount to suicide for a country whose main source of income is remittances, but he has wisely preempted any potential sanctions by deepening ties with Russia and China. This is not a panacea, but it does buy bargaining power and leeway.

There’s nothing more menacing than an arbitrary, bad faith “human rights” write up from the State Department, which traditionally serves as a warning shot, but Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) decided to instead rip the demerit up and respond by calling out the US government’s own persecution of journalists and political opponents, as well as its lack of action against fentanyl dealers. Mexico’s reaction to harassment from US power Jewry, which recently dubbed AMLO an enemy of “democracy,” has been to ignore pugnacious figures like Anne Applebaum and push forth on projects that anger Zion, such as their nationalization of lithium and oil.

In Europe, leaders such as Viktor Orban have succeeded in riding the fence between Russia, China and the Atlanticist pact (NATO/EU), which has enabled his government to negotiate from a position of strength to finally obtain the 10s of billions of dollars Brussels has withheld from Hungary due to “rights violations.”

For Americans, the very real possibility of a reverse Ukraine situation where Russia outfits Iran with advanced weapons adds a layer of deterrence to any plan to formally commit US forces to a conventional Israeli offensive against the Islamic Republic. A war with Iran would guarantee catastrophic US casualties as Israelis pull up plastic chairs and watch from a distance, any reduction of the probability that it happens is a welcomed one.

We don’t know exactly what will emerge to replace Pax Judaica, but we can affirmatively conclude that it will be less gay, less Jewish, and, paradoxically, less viscerally anti-white.  If our rulers are busy with foreign foes, they will have fewer resources to deploy against dissidents and their excesses will also be magnified as political cudgels against them, a new development we see with the world’s reaction to the brutal persecution of Julian Assange and January 6th protesters.

Little things like the Iranian government’s renewed calls for research into the veracity of the worst anti-white blood libel in history known as the “Holocaust,” Vladimir Putin’s crusade against LGBT ideology, or Chinese emissary Dr Zhao Yongchen injecting talk about the decline in European birthrates in the US and UK to silence trolling about Uyghurs are a welcomed breath of fresh air.

You wouldn’t know it from following Samantha Power or Linda Thomas-Greenfield, but there are pertinent issues to resolve besides “combating anti-Semitism” and the “global struggle for LGBT rights.”

Our nation’s ideal geographic location, broad living space and resource self-sufficiency means we don’t need to have an army whose budget is quickly approaching $1 trillion a year. We are tired of dying in immoral wars that are not in the American people’s interests. The downfall of Pax Judaica is a blessing to all.

From National Justice.