Judaism is the Religion of Lies

The what??

Originally published March 29, 2023.

One of the biggest twistings of the truth that is said about Jews is that they follow the Old Testament just like Christians do. Jews consider the books of the Old Testament to be like books for children: a good introduction to Judaism but in need of interpretation by the Talmud. The purpose of the Talmud is to take any absolute that is decreed by God and corrupt it. To take any obvious passage in the Old Testament and argue that it is saying the exact opposite of what it actually says.

There is a joke told amongst Jews: Two Rabbis, three opinions!

Judaism is the religion of relativism. This means it is the religion of lies. A religion where there is no such thing as absolute truth. A world run by Jews is a world of 1984, where War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength and where 2+2 could equal 5 if Big Brother says it does.

According to Jews, Jewishness is passed onto the next generation via the mother. This of course is a lie. The Old Testament records lineages via the male line, so for Jews of today to say inheritance passes through the female, shows that at some point in history they rejected the word of God completely and made a decision to throw their allegiance behind the father of lies. This appears to have occurred between 200AD and 400AD when the Talmud was written, which is the perversion of the word of God. The Old Testament now only serving as a reference as to what is needed to be lied about. Anything that is clear needed to be argued as ambiguous. Anything that was evil needed to be embraced as good and vice versa.

The Jews argue that the Old Testament always passed on Jewishness via the mother. They cite the book of Ezra. From the Jewish website Chabad.org:

“The Book of Ezra tells the story of the Jews who returned from Babylonia to finish rebuilding the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Upon their arrival they found that many of the Jews who inhabited the land had taken non-Jewish wives.

Ezra was heartbroken, tearing his garments in mourning and prayer to G‑d. A large crowd gathered, and joined with Ezra as he prayed and wept.

“Next, the verse states:

“And Shechaniah, the son of Jehiel, of the sons of Elam, raised his voice and said to Ezra, “We have betrayed our G-d and we have taken in foreign wives of the peoples of the land, but there is still hope for Israel concerning this.”

“Now then, let us make a covenant with our G‑d to expel all these women and those who have been born to them, in accordance with the bidding of the Lord and of all who are concerned over the commandment of our G‑d, and let the Torah be obeyed.”

If the child of a Jewish father is Jewish, why did Shechaniah suggest expulsion of the children born to these women? How was it that Ezra and all the people agreed to his advice? Jewish people historically were greatly attached to their children”. How is it that they agreed to send them away?

Obviously, it was a given that these children were not Jewish.

Furthermore, note that Shechaniah states, “and let the Torah be obeyed.” Apparently, everyone understood that this was not a new edict, but a call for obedience to the Torah as it had always been understood by the Jewish people.”

Like all accomplished liars the Jews writing this have used the old tactic of cherry picking and not giving full context to make their blasphemous claim. Let us expand on the book of Ezra and the Old Testament in general to give us a more truthful account of what transpired in this piece of holy scripture.

“For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.”

Ezra 9,2

“Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace or their wealth for ever: that ye may be strong, and eat the good of the land, and leave it for an inheritance to your children for ever.

Ezra 9,12

If Jewishness is passed on by the mother, then why does the book of Ezra tell the Jews not to give their daughters in marriage to other tribes? Wouldn’t the other tribes become Jewish whilst the Jewish tribes became Pagan by this logic? Every time Israel was defeated in battle and their women carried away by the victorious army, raped and enslaved, this was just making the world more Jewish.

Of course that is what would be the result. But logic and reason is exactly what modern Judaism is opposed to as the core of their subverted faith.

In today’s world though, it allows faithful powerful wealthy Freemasons to marry a Jewish woman and join the tribe. Submit to Jewish rule, get the reward via your children. Or if you have a daughter, no problem. The rules of Jews are never about absolutes, only about subversion of God. So daughters of non Jews who marry a Jew, can simply convert to Judaism and then Jewishness can be passed on via the mother once more. Thus Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is now a Jew and you should trust Trump about as much as you trust Benjamin Netanyahu.

The correct reading of the book of Ezra is pretty clear: “the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands”. It’s a book about the sin of mass race mixing.

There were strict rules for the Israelites in regards to marrying outside the tribe. Children and grandchildren of a race mixed couple had to marry back into the tribe before the great grandchild could be part “of the congregation” again ( Deuteronomy 23,8). But if they married someone who came from Israel’s enemies, then no offspring could be allowed to be part of the tribe “even unto the tenth generation”. As Israel were a Nation of people God chose to use as an example for all other Nations to learn from their successes and failures, what applied to them applies to every race/Nation/people. We ignore God’s commands at our peril.

The Old Testament makes lots of prophesies about the coming of the Messiah. Daniel Chapter 9 makes it clear that a second temple will be built in Jerusalem and that the Messiah will come and die a violent death before the destruction of that temple.

After 70AD the Jews who had rejected Christ must have realised that either that they had killed the Messiah or decided that the prophesies had failed. They had rejected Jesus because he wasn’t the kind of Messiah they had wanted or expected. They had expected a warrior king who would take back their ancient lands from the Romans. The uprising of the Jews in 70AD was the most violent in Roman history. To the Jews it must have seemed like their last chance. Maybe they were expecting the Messiah to emerge during it. But he didn’t. He had already come and forty years earlier they had him crucified and were happy to let his blood be on their hands and their children’s hands.

Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez. Oil on canvas, 1867.

I imagine it was quite a let down for them. Maybe it felt like God betrayed them. Maybe that is why they set about perverting God’s laws and eventually wrote down those perversions in the Talmud.

You can buy a copy of “The Talmud: A selection” from your local book store. A highly redacted selection, containing none of the curses and sanctioning of violence against Christians and Christ. But even with the omission of their written hatred the Talmud still is a book of relativism and unresolved arguments between Rabbis. Did a perceived betrayal by God cause them to turn to the God of lies? The fallen angel who promises earthly power and success? I think so. At least for the rich and powerful amongst them. Rank and file Jews most likely still believe they are following Yahweh. But the relativism mindset still pervades through their masses. Jews are predominantly left wing on social issues. Tel Aviv is the homosexual capital of the world.

Jews on social media boast about how the Talmud recognises 8 genders and turn a blind eye to the book of Genesis or the laws in Leviticus. Whether deliberately or unwittingly, Jews have become Satanists. Lies form the basis of their creed. Hatred of truth follows on from rejection of Christ.

Jews are our enemies and yet we are commanded to love them. This doesn’t mean that we should prostrate ourselves before them like most American evangelicals do. Rather, it means we are commanded to still abide by the Ten Commandments in our personal lives, regardless of the race or religion of the person we are dealing with. Punishment for those who abuse us and persecute us has a process, and we follow this process because of our gratitude for Christ’s patience with us and our sins. We must obey God even if the Jews defy Him when they deal with us.

For ultimately, Jews who follow the teachings of the Talmud, reject the strict and absolute laws of God that were set in stone during the time of Moses. The Old Testament, for them, is a text to find a way around, to make excuses for and make exceptions to. Or to simply outright lie about. Inheritance through the mother is just one simple example of such.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.