Our Glorious Leaders


Larry Johnson has examined the latest NATO announcement of the group’s intention to send heavy tanks to bolster Ukraine’s armed forces, (the numerous gaping logistical holes in that plan is not the focus for what I want to discuss here; needless to say, both Larry and Andrei Martyanov have covered that aspect in detail).

What caught my eye was the following passage:

What is truly astonishing is that the United States and its NATO allies are talking so openly about what they are doing. Normally, a country contemplating war or escalating a war will hide what they are doing until an attack or a campaign is launched. Ditto for deception and feints. The NATO crowd eschews those principles and is more focused on playing the public relations game — e.g., pretend you are doing something meaningful that can change the strategic picture on the ground for Ukraine.

This is one of the more fascinating aspects of being a spectator as great historical events cascade around us, and that is witnessing empires self destructing due in part to the narcissism of those with their hands on the helm.

NATO and the United States recently blew up both of the Nordstream pipelines connecting Russia to mainland Europe through the Baltic Sea. They got away with it, the act being memory holed to oblivion. Nobody in the media cares about the event because they have been instructed not to care. Russia didn’t make a big deal of it either, perhaps because Russia wants its enemies to be emboldened with a true belief in their invincibility and infallibility.

The more that NATO and the United States get away with criminal actions against foreign states, then the more that they believe that their actions are inherently correct. This dangerous delusion leads them to openly playing their hand against enemies who keep their own cards carefully concealed. Russia’s leaders are in no hurry to stop their adversaries from making such infantile blunders.

When the axe finally falls on the EU and the USA, those in charge will not be able to comprehend what is happening. After all, they are the golden ones, whose actions are always true and righteous. Surely this can’t be happening to them, it all has to be a big mistake. Our leaders are spoilt children who are hell bent on dragging us into a war with adults.

That is why they are so open about their plans. They have no conception of any  consequences for their actions befalling them. But this is also true of the general populations of these same nations. The vast majority willingly went along with the peck mandates no matter how ludicrous and incongruous the arguments given for taking the shots. As they so facilely went along with childish leaders on that argument, so too will they do so when it comes to war with Russia and its allies. And our infantile leaders know that much for sure. This also emboldens them. For they can do no wrong, and the eventual outcome will be a shock and surprise to everyone who drifted along with them.

After all, they’re all in this together.

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