Married Life is preferable to MGTOW

Wedding photograph taken at St. Josaphat Church in Chicago, IL. Photography by Andrew Collings Photography, Inc. August 1, 2009.

It was interesting to see the reaction on my Telegram feed to Mark Moncrieff’s article on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). I posted the article on my page because I thought he made a lot of good points, but the reaction showed that these were not enough to overcome the bad experience of guys who have been screwed over by the system after a marriage breakdown.

So I thought I would provide some of my own experiences to give both men and women (do any single women even read the XYZ?) things to consider in this messed up world.

I have had the blessing or curse to have experienced every state of being in regards to how a man can think about women. I have been a pathetic beta male sensitive guy, friend zoned into unwanted chastity. I have been the ugly guy that no female would be seen dead with. I have been the guy who could just walk into a bar and have a hot looking babe in bed before you’d finished your drink. I have been happily married twice. I have been through an ugly divorce. I have been fucked over by a psychopathic bitch from Hell. I’ve been a guy who loved and cared about women, I’ve been a guy who didn’t care one way or the other about women. I’ve been a guy prepared to fuck women and use them and discard them the next day because I’d had enough of being fucked around by women.

Been there, done all of that, got the T-Shirts!

Since June 2004 I have been married to my second wife. We’ve had some tough challenges early on in our marriage but I am blessed by God to have a wife who absolutely adores me. But I’m not here to give advice on how to achieve that. That would take a separate article. I mention my blessings, simply to let you know it is possible and it doesn’t even need a Godly woman to achieve it with. Both my wife and I only turned to God two years ago. God has increased the blessings since then, but I couldn’t have asked for more in a wife already.

MGTOW is what I’m writing about.

The first thing about MGTOW men is that they are attractive to women. Men who couldn’t give a crap about women are men who are desired by women. The opposite is also true. Men who seek the approval of women are instantly friend zoned or married after ten years of hanging around and end up raising an Alpha male’s child who impregnated their wife during the 10 minutes when he was late home from work one night.

The second thing about the rising number of MGTOW men, I agree whole heartedly with Mark Moncrieff about. This has been engineered by our enemies and you MGTOW men are surrendering to our enemies by acting the way our enemies wanted them to act.

With these two facts on the table what should a man’s response be and what should women be aware of?

Let me start with the women. Women have substituted the protection of a man for the protection of the State. More and more women are finding out that the State is useless at protecting them. Sure the State can bully the man. Take everything he owns. Take his kids. Put restraining orders on him. IT ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE! There is nothing the State can do to protect a woman from a man crazed with loss and heartbreak. A woman takes her life in her hands when she ends a marriage. Especially one with kids.

So just in case there are any women readers of the XYZ, please take my advice: think twice before you use the State to kick the boot into a man. Moral outrage won’t help you. May as well blame a lion for killing a gazelle that nonchalantly walked in front of it when it hadn’t eaten for a week. All men have a point of no return. The State should be there to make sane men think twice before killing or hurting a woman and to kill or imprison men who don’t think or can’t and kill or hurt anyway. But that isn’t going to help you if, in your petty vengefulness, you use the State to punish a man simply because your marriage has ended. You risk making him insane with anger and executing him or imprisoning him after he’s murdered you, won’t help you much.

My ex wife didn’t involve the State when we separated. I am grateful to her for that.

Because I was a crazed murderous maniac at the time. Nothing short of a law that stated that all men should be executed within 24 hours of their wife leaving them, could have stopped me and any attempt to use the State to do so at the time would simply have guaranteed two murders and my still being in prison to this day. None of my male friends were able to reason with me at the time. I was unhinged. I was dangerous. My ex wife had the presence of mind not to try and fuck me over on top of everything else. I thank her and I praise God for this for sparing me from committing such a terrible deed.

The State obviously loves it when men go off the rails too. Their policies are deliberately designed to bait men into domestic violence and murder. They will get their wish more and more as time goes on, but ultimately they will pay the price.

Which brings me onto the MGTOW men.

Direct your anger against the State that enabled such behaviour of our women. See women as Morpheus sees the people in the Matrix in the Matrix movie. They are slaves and victims to the system but whilst they are slaves they are still dangerous and part of the system.

Likewise, most MGTOW men are not aware of how they have been used. Don’t be one of those men. Know what they did to you. Know what response they wanted you to have. Get angry at that manipulation. Then bottle it, push it down into the depths of your soul and focus it onto beating them. Develop a pure and righteous hate. Give your vengeance up to God and pray for Him to bring justice. Direct that anger into organisation in the meantime. Mark Moncrief is correct there too. Men organise armies, sport, chess clubs. If you are in the MGTOW space why is “going your own way” not organising to bring down the laws that made you a MGTOW in the first place? What are you wasting your life on casual sex and material goods for? Are you a warrior or a slave? Are you ok with what they have done to you and your women as long as you can get a Porsche and deadlift 250kg in ten years? Do you even Manhood bro?

As for how you should treat women: it’s quite simple. Reverse the tables and friend zone them. Turn them all into Beta Females. Because that is what most of them have become. A slutty woman is the equivalent of a desperate man. They don’t respect themselves so why should you respect them? Why would any self respecting person want a Beta?

Give up sex. Become chaste. Then go on dates with women. Better to wank than to debase yourself. If you can go without wanking better again, but regardless, YOU set the moral standard!

A player gets women by making the woman know that she needs to make herself worthy of him rather than vice versa. It’s no different a mindset in regards to whether or not you will marry (or marry again). MGTOW is the starting mindset. It shouldn’t be the end goal. You don’t need to stress about achieving the end goal. In fact, you should be indifferent about it in your day to day life.

Be upfront and brutally honest with women with whom you interact. Let them know you have no interest in casual sex with them and let them know that you have no interest in getting into a relationship only to have all of your money stolen from you with help from the State.

But don’t make MGTOW your end goal. Be willing to never be married or married again if necessary, but pray, that if God sees fit, to provide a woman who is worthy of you. Don’t look for it, but be open to it.

Because I can promise every one of you MGTOW guys, my married life is preferable to your single one.

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