Make the Australian Military Sexy Again


A couple of days ago this little dainty popped up on Vox Populi. It is a snippet of a thread from the chans concerning the coming process of normalising war and military service in Australia.

I’m a staffer for a major news network in Australia. We’ve been instructed by the government to begin a long term military recruitment campaign. We’re about 2-3 years away from a massive war. This campaign will be long and gradual.

Phase 0 was the never ending coverage of Ukraine.

Phase 1 will be a gradual increase in news of the weaponry our country has.

A lot of the intermediate phases seem mundane, but the whole process is to get as many men as possible comfortable and desensitized to war. The last phases will involve teaching women to be ashamed of and to shame non-military men. There will soon be ninja-warrior type of shows but in the military training theme. They’re going to try to make military sexy.

Basically, manipulate women to desire it, which pushes men to go into it.

As Vox Day notes, the main opposing belligerent in the war will be China. But Indonesia sure has a bunch of scores to settle with Australia, so expect them to be jumping in for as many goodies as they can scoop up.

But I find this quoted passage to be fascinating. And I wonder to myself just how will it be possible for a multicultural cesspit like Australia to drum up support for military service and war?

Feelings and sentiments of patriotism and national pride and identity have been made anathema over the last few decades. The Australian flag means nothing when Chinese flags already fly over suburban Australian police stations, jostling for position with the aboriginal and rainbow flags that breed contempt and alienation by being divisive in different ways. Perhaps future Australian battalions will have to march into battle under all three, while transvestite generals move multicolored pins around a map based on fantasies.

What will the millions of Chinese nationals already in the country and posing as paper Australians do in the event of such a war? Surely not fight for the white devils. And good luck interning them all in camps. No, the Chinese will have countless hordes of saboteurs and partisans ready to play their part when the need arises.

The other blow-ins will either scatter to the four winds or strive mightily to keep their heads down and protect what they have. So the ones to do the fighting must be the poor maligned white males. But will the government’s attempt to normalise military service for a country that is no longer their own succeed? I have my doubts. Shaming the young men via the demented blue haired feminist liberal harpies that make up the majority of young women today seems like somewhat of a lost cause. These young men are already quite used to being shamed, thank you very much.

What will be the great rallying cry to spur these young men into heated patriotic action? You must go to war to defend our way of life – gay marriage; a country that hates you to your face; quotas for minorities and women in the workplace at your expense; immigrants that drive up the price of housing and freeze out basic services; political correctness and the open sexulisation of children in schools; the unending rules restricting access to national parks and basic recreational activities once taken for granted.

Not to forget that after the events of the last couple of years a very healthy segment of the white male population is now extremely distrusting of the media, politicians and “experts”. If phase 0 is the never ending coverage of the Ukraine war then I don’t think that things have got off to a good start for the powers that be.

All jokes aside, from a logistical and strategic standpoint, Australia is a sitting duck. The country now relies almost entirely on overseas refineries for its oil and fuel products. The last check that I did on this topic revealed that we would have fuel for about two weeks if the sea lanes are cut. That’s two weeks domestic use, not military. Our food is tilled, planted, sown, transported and processed using diesel fuel. Far from having to fight, all the Chinese will have to do is close the sea lanes and starve us out. No more horses tilling fields and cute little coal trains shuttling the wheat to market as was the case in the last great unpleasantness.

Oil and gas production units on the North West shelf will be among the very first targets on the outbreak of such a conflict. Either the Chinese will be blowing them sky high or the Australian military will try and take them out to stop them falling into the enemy’s hands.

The Chinese won’t even need to make a detailed plan of attack. All they’ll need to do is to manage is to stay out of our way as we blunder from fuckup to fuckup. Oh, and to all of the real and not so real aborigines who are all giddy with excitement at this voice proposal of theirs: enjoy your last moment in the sun. Because I very much doubt that the Chinese are going to put up with any of your antics. You’ll be lucky to get out in one piece as our new Chinese masters rename that rock in the center something like Xi’s Bowling Ball.

But no, the Australian government plans to make military sexy. It would all be such a sad joke, except the joke is deadly serious and it’s on us.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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